Watch free film – Broke: The Santa Barbara Oil Spill of 2015

You can view the film Broke: The Santa Barbara Oil Spill of 2015 for free through June 9, 2024.

Gail Osherenko “started filming at Refugio State Park the afternoon that Plains All-American Pipeline, line 901, burst on May 19, 2015 spilling 140,000 gallons of crude oil onto the Gaviota coast and into the ocean.” Her documentary highlights the role of citizens in the rescue of animals and in the environmental clean up that followed the spill.

Now that Exxon has sold its local operations to Sable Offshore, a smaller company which hopes to restart the pipeline and three offshore oil platforms, it’s good to remind ourselves of why so many local people have fought Exxon’s proposals to drill and transport oil once again.

It has been nearly a decade since the oil spill, but the oil companies still won’t give up. Neither will we.