World Hope Forum & The Great Simplification

Here are a couple of inspiring resources to learn about creative solutions to climate and environmental challenges.

Li Edelkoort and Philip Fimmano founded the World Hope Forum in 2020 as a counterbalance to the World Economic Forum. As designers and trend analysts they know that global transformation will require creativity and good design. The World Hope Forum is “a platform to inspire the creative community to rebuild a better society.”

The video recording of their Earth Day webinar is especially relevant for climate activists. But don’t stop there. The forum devoted to Mexico with presentations by Mexican designers and activists is amazing. All their webinars are free. You can sign up to attend their next offering, a forum on Healing Trauma Through Craft on December 17.

Nate Hagens is the host of a podcast and video series called The Great Simplification. He has interviewed over 100 top experts across a wide range of disciplines. Taken together these interviews provide a broad and detailed picture of our environmental problems and possible solutions.

His interview of Kate Haworth, author Donut Economics, is excellent (shorter summary video below). Not for the faint of heart, his roundtable interview Titanic Oceans with three ocean scientists, Daniel Pauly, Antonio Turiel and Peter Ward is mind-opening. Another extremely impressive interview is with Sian Sutherland, a leader in the movement towards reducing the overconsumption of plastic and its waste.

Whatever your focus, search Nate’s YouTube site by keyword, and you are likely to find an interview that will expand your knowledge.