CBS News Segment on Third Act Campaign Against Fossil Banks

Watch this short clip on CBS of Bill McKibben and Valerie Rockefeller (yes, she’s from the Rockefeller family who made their fortune from oil) talking about the new campaign where people over 60 are pledging to withdraw their money from the four major banks funding fossil fuel projects (Bank of America, Chase, Citibank, Wells Fargo).

Watch here.

Go to Third Act and join the campaign–pledge to move your money (or never to be a bank customer) if the banks don’t stop funding fossil fuels.

The plan is for everyone to move their money at once in about a year’s time, if the banks fail to change their ways

Third Act hopes to get hundreds of thousands of people to sign the pledge. If enough elders join the campaign, we should be able to make the banks take notice, since seniors hold about 70% of the money in this country.