Join Third Act & Help Bug the Banks Funding Fossil Fuels

On January 10, several Fearless Grandmothers joined a Third Act webinar with Bill McKibben on How to Be An Effective Crank. We have no problem with being cranky and we would certainly like to be effective when it comes to averting the climate crisis. (The training was recorded–so you can watch and get tips on how to write letters to the editor.)

McKibben, who was one of the founders of the international climate organization,, has launched a new organization, Third Act, to harness the power of older folks–people over 60, many of them retired with time to devote to climate activism. We have been eagerly awaiting the launch of this project.

Having met our fellow Fearless Grandmothers and having organized climate rallies in Santa Barbara and Goleta over the past two years, we agree that the grandmotherly (and grandfatherly) crowd is a powerful force, largely untapped in the climate movement. It’s time to change that, so we are ready to support Third Act.

This year Third Act will focus on two things: 1) Pressuring the big banks to stop funding fossil fuel projects and 2) Protecting democracy. Sounds good to us!

Sign up at Third Act if you would like to attend upcoming Third Act online meetings. The meeting on January 26 will include special guest Congressman Jamie Raskin who is on the House select committee investigating the January 6 insurrection.