Online Training: Learn How to Lobby State Legislators to Get Good Climate Bills Passed

On Saturday afternoon, October 23, 12:30 pm the 350 Southland Legislative Alliance is hosting an important training with 350 South Bay LA, 350 Silicon Valley and our 350 Ventura County Climate Hub about lobbying state legislators for faster climate action.

Our State Senators Monique Limon and Henry Stern and Assembly Members Jacqui Irwin and Steve Bennett represent Ventura County well. But it’s Code Red for the planet! We need to jump to the next level. California is the 5th largest economy with inadequate goals, i.e. to cut GHGs by 40% by 2030 and 80% by 2050, and poor achievement. Britain now aims for 78% reductions by 2035 and net zero by 2050. Why? Our necessary climate bills die or are watered down due to the influence of Big Oil, the for-profit utilities, some of the labor unions, and the cattle and dairy industries.

So, let’s organize! This Interactive Legislative Training Session on ZOOM is a great place to learn how strong climate laws get passed, and how we can collaborate among ourselves and with other 350 chapters to neutralize the influence of vested interests.

Register here or at and share with your networks!


  • Carol Kravetz, Climate Reality Project & Citizens’ Climate Lobby
  • Janet Cox, Legislation Director, 350 Silicon Valley
  • Michael Rochmes, 350 Southland Legislative Alliance
  • Sherry Lear, 350 Southland Legislative Alliance

Interact with experienced facilitators in two breakouts to learn how to research and strategize. Then a mock meeting with a legislator to advocate for a climate bill. Best to join by computer (not phone) so you can see the dozens of like-minded folks and the slides.

Register now for the training. You’ll get a confirmation email with details. Training starts at 12:30.