CEC Low Cost Electric Vehicle Webinar March 23

EV costs are going down and incentives are generous, making these cars a smart financial choice for more families – in many cases even more affordable than a gas car.

  • Households making under $104,800 (for a family of 4) can qualify for $11,000 in incentives (which could pay the entire cost of a three-year EV lease) or get a $5,000 grant toward a used EV.
  • Other incentives are available for drivers of all income levels.
  • EV fuel costs the equivalent of $1.50/gallon of gasoline
  • EVs have half the maintenance costs of gasoline vehicles.
  • EVs are very fun to drive, convenient to refuel, have zero tailpipe emissions, and reduce carbon pollution by 75-100%.

Join CEC’s Energy and Climate Programs Director Michael Chiacos and CEC’s Energy and Climate Associate Jen Hernández – both EV owners and industry experts – to learn which 100+ mpge electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid might be best for you. Michael will share his experience driving on sunshine since 2012. Jen, who recently leased an EV for $20/month, will share why the decision to drive electric was an easy choice for her family.

We will discuss:

  • Pure electric vehicles vs. plug-in hybrids and some of the 40+ EVs currently available.
  • Financial considerations of incentives and leasing versus buying a new or used vehicle.
  • Charging basics, range considerations, and long trips in an EV.
  • How to pair home solar with your EV for maximum savings.
  • How to stack incentives and purchase a new EV for the price of a Toyota Corolla, lease one for free or very low cost, or buy a used EV for as little as $5,000.
  • How to save $50,000 on gas with an investment of $6,000 on solar panels.

Find out today if you qualify for incentive programs at www.electricdrive805.org/drivers

Together, we can move the Central Coast region away from fossil fuels in one generation and rapidly achieve Carbon Zero.

This webinar will be offered in English with Spanish translation.