Coalition for a California Green New Deal

Many organizations all over California are joining together to push for a state-wide Green New Deal that is ambitious enough to reach the climate action goals that our state government has espoused.

Here is a recording of a zoom meeting held on February 14, with information about issues and initiatives that are happening in communities in various parts of the state. It’s an exciting time–but it’s hard to keep track of all that is going on. A place to check on for updates is the Coalition for a California Green New Deal website. 

To get an idea of what the Coalition stands for you can read their platform, which begins:


We demand a Green New Deal for California that guarantees a future where all people have what we need to live dignified, healthy lives. That means making sure that we all benefit from the resources that make that future possible: our land, air, and water.

No matter who you are or where you come from, everyone deserves to thrive. We deserve safe, healthy homes and neighborhoods where we can raise our kids and grow our roots. We deserve dignified work that contributes to the well-being of our communities and pays family-supporting wages. Our youth, and all future generations, deserve clean air to breathe, clean water to drink, and a healthy and safe planet on which to live and thrive.

But for too long, greedy corporate interests have stood in our way. They’ve manipulated the system and profited from the three major crises we’re facing today: devastating climate disasters; extreme levels of wealth and income inequality; and systemic racial injustice. They’ve concentrated power in the hands of a wealthy few, and poverty and pollution in communities with the fewest resources to respond, putting our whole planet at risk. …”