Don’t Miss Inspirational EcoRestoration Symposium – Jan. 28

At 8am PST on Thursday, January 28 you are invited to join a free online symposium on how we can restore our ecosystems. Speakers include John D. Liu and Daniel Wahl.

Event organizers say, “This new series – in partnership with Biodiversity for a Livable Climate – brings together experts, thought-leaders, doers, weavers, healers, musicians, dancers, poets and everyone and anyone else who has an expression to share around earth restoration. “Counting down to restoring earth: how do we get there?” takes place on 28 January, 8am PST. All welcome! Simply head over to our YouTube channel on the day and click on event link to join us LIVE.”

Several of us Grandmothers saw Liu speak at the Lobero Theatre when he was in Santa Barbara accepting an award. He is an inspirational speaker with amazing videos that document large-scale restoration projects around the world.

Daniel Wahl is the author of Designing Regenerative Cultures published in 2016.