The Overwhelming Case for Climate Action

Now that we are about to enter into a new Administration that accepts that climate change is real and an urgent threat, there is no time like the present to be thinking hard about what we need to accomplish.

Past opposition to climate remedies has usually involved concern that the proposed solutions would be too expensive.

According to author Dana Nucitelli at, a growing body of research is showing that the cost of inaction will turn out to be frighteningly high, while, if we choose to implement climate solutions, there will be tremendous savings.

The longer we put off making the required changes, “the more unpleasant the adaptations and the greater the suffering will be,” Ohio State University glaciologist Lonnie Thompson states.

Nucitelli states, “Like any smart long-term investment, climate solutions will require patience and forward thinking, and in this case also involve overcoming intransigence from fossil fuel interests and sympathetic policymakers. But if successfully deployed, those investments will pay for themselves many times over and create a far more prosperous world.”

The time to act is now!

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