Time to Act on Climate

Climate author and founder of 350.org, Bill McKibben reminds us that our current election is not so much about the next four years as it is about the next four millennia, and perhaps even the next 40.

He states that we have just about run out of time in the climate fight.  “Very few of the problems that government deals with are time limited in quite the same fashion…. If we don’t solve it soon, we will not solve it because we will move past tipping points from which we have no retreat. Some we’ve passed already: the news that Greenland is now in an irreversible process of melt should remind us that the biggest things on our planet can shift in the course of a very few human years.”

With an increase of one degree Celsius we have moved into “what is effectively a new geological era, one markedly less hospitable to human beings.  But it still bears some resemblance to the world that our civilization emerged from.”

For the entire article, see Bill McKibben in the Guardian.  It’s time to get to work!