What Economists Tell Us

The Climate Emergency is both a local issue and a global one.

Addressing this will affect every aspect of our lives and require us to understand what we can do individually and what we need to do as a society.

One common objection to stopping our use of carbon-based fuels has been that we can’t afford to stop, that our economy will suffer.

It seems fitting then to listen to what the economists have to say.

In August this year, a letter from over 100 economists from all over the world was published, saying in part that “the carbon economy amplifies racial, social and economic inequities, creating a system that is fundamentally incompatible with a stable future.” And, “if we fail to act now, the present moment may merely be a preview of what is to come.”

For the rest of their message, and guidance on what we need to be doing, please follow the link: Letter from more than 100 economists