Thank You Santa Barbara City Council for Opposing Exxon Trucking Plan

Many thanks to the Santa Barbara City Council for their vote to oppose Exxon-Mobil’s dangerous plan to truck oil along Highway 101 and the Cuyama Valley’s narrow, winding Highway 166. Exxon recently posted a $1.1 billion loss, its second quarterly loss this year. Still, it isn’t ready to give up the oil business and is proposing to restart three offshore oil rigs in the Santa Barbara channel.

Exxon must reckon with us Santa Barbarans who are fed up with oil spills.

The Fearless Grandmothers want to protect our beautiful beaches and reduce air pollution, but above all we want to to keep greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere. All the drilling, trucking, refining, and burning of produced fuel would create a lot of greenhouse gas. The climate can’t afford it! We owe our children and grandchildren a decent future with a habitable climate.