One Successful Shoe Strike! — Next Strike on August 29

A team of grandmothers (plus a daughter and granddaughter) put out over 560 pairs of shoes for our Shoe Strike for Climate Justice on July 25th. We are planning another quarantine appropriate, safe-distancing event on Saturday, August 29th.

Many thanks to the people of Santa Barbara and Goleta who donated shoes. In just a few days, we received more shoes than we thought possible. Clearly many people in our community are concerned about the climate emergency and welcomed a chance to voice their support for climate justice for future generations and for those who are currently being harmed by fossil fuel extraction and pollution.

Many thanks also to the reporters and photographers who covered the event. Your photographs and articles were shared around the world with other shoe strikers and activists, who were impressed by Santa Barbara’s event.

For links to articles about the Santa Barbara strike, check out our “Grandmas in the News” page.