Oil Projects in Santa Barbara County

For the longest time we’ve been fighting new oil projects


Finally, there’s some good news! Petrorock has withdrawn its proposal to drill 225 new wells in Cat Canyon.

But two dirty oil projects are still making their way through the planning and approval process: Aera and TerraCore still propose to drill new steam injection oil wells in Cat Canyon. We don’t know why the County is wasting time and money on the proposals of a declining industry. It’s time to focus on building local renewable energy capacity. The County Supervisors have declared a climate emergency. They need to declare a moratorium on new oil projects.

For an update on oil projects in SB County, you are invited to attend a free webinar on  hosted by the Environmental Defense Center (EDC) on Wednesday, April 8 at 12:00 noon. Register here to attend the webinar.

EDC staff will discuss Aera Energy’s dangerous oil and gas project proposed in the Cat Canyon Oil Field near Santa Maria. The first of three large projects moving through Santa Barbara County’s application process, Aera’s dirty proposal threatens our public health and local environment. EDC Staff Attorney, Tara Messing, and Environmental Analyst, Brian Trautwein, will walk you through how this dirty project will bring severe impacts to our community health and our local environment, and how you can help in the fight to stop the project.


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