It's a Climate Emergency & we're working for

a just & sustainable planet for all living creatures

Life is Precious.

If you are An Elder who cares about the planet and the future of our children

1 Join with others

The Society of Fearless Grandmothers Santa Barbara is just one of many groups focused on climate. Find one near you. If you are an elder woman living in Santa Barbara, contact us.

2 Learn & Talk

Take advantage of the many great resources available online and learn more about climate change. Talk to your friends about the climate emergency.

3 Take Action

It's time to get creative in addressing the climate emergency. On our blog we highlight some of the actions we're taking.

Youth around the world have been striking for their future for over a year. Recently Jane Fonda and other elders joined them in Washington D.C. for Fire Drill Fridays. We support them all.

Here are some resources for learning about the climate crisis and solutions to it. When you find a film or book you like, share it with your friends. Let’s keep the climate conversation going.

Local media coverage of the Society of Fearless Grandmothers Santa Barbara.


the time to act is now!